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Ages 10 to 14

First LEGO League is an annual competition where a theme is established and kids from around the world have an opportunity to use their creativity to program LEGO robots to perform those tasks. 

In addition to learning and using coding skills to program the robots they are taught core values that involve working together as a team; public speaking problem solving and setting and reaching goals because the program requires a long-term commitment.

Our program is housed in the Turnquest Center, which is in one of the Melbourne Housing Authorities facilities where underserved kids are made aware of career opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math; which they would not normally be exposed to. Register Now

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Ages 8 to 14


Each year our kids compete in the Energy Whiz Solar Car event held at Eastern Florida University, where they learn how to convert solar energy into forward motion.

Once the introduction to solar is completed they are taught the fundamentals of aerodynamics to reduce resistance to forward motion, the impact of gear ratios to tire size, and how to design and construct strong lightweight cars that can go in a straight line.  Some of the more advanced kids use our 3D printing tools to design wheel rims and other parts for their cars.

In addition to acquiring engineering basics, the kids are required to speak publicly to the judges to explain their cars and how they were built.  Register Now

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Ages 5 to 16


Learn at Home 5 and up, allows kids in the community to check out any of our LEGO projects to take home to build on their own or with their parents.

Our inventory includes basic LEGO kits for young future STEM participants to robotic kits that require having basics of coding knowledge to program them to perform various tasks. 

The kits selected for our inventory are designed to be entertaining while requiring them to utilize reading, analytical and problem-solving skills to complete.  To Check Out A Kit

Planned Activities
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Ages 2 to 5



If your son or daughter needs help with reading, classwork or homework, we now have tutors that can help them improve their grades!

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