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Eric C. Green
Founder of STEM Tech Academy

Eric C. Green is a retired NASA Engineer, wo previously worked in Logistics Operations Engineer for the Shuttle, Institutional, and Integrated Resources Projects Office at the Kennedy space Center, Florida.  He was responsible for providing Project Management, and Integrated Resources support to the NASA Logistics Directorate for the Space Flight Operations Contract.


Subsequent to this position, Green worked for the Center Support Directorate responsible for oversight management of the Sampling and Analysis


Chemical Laboratory, and assessed environmental projects and issues for EPA compliance that may impact the Kennedy Space Center. He was also responsible for the KSC Energy Management Integration functions to insure compliance with laws to reduce energy consumption at KSC.


His career began with NASA in 1969, as a cooperative education student working in the test and measurement laboratory.  Later graduating, he became a Laboratory Systems Engineer.  In this position, he provided instrumentation and transducer application expertise for NASA.  Green designed and coordinated development of a Temperature Calibration Systems to evaluate temperature transducers.  He also served as a Field Systems Engineer responsible for analysis of spectral data acquired in support of the Earth Resources Program.


Welmon Speed, Jr.

Welmon Speed, started work the following week as an operations engineer with NASA and has spent his entire career being involved with experiments and payload processing including elements of the International Space Station at Kennedy Space Center. During this time, he has interfaced with numerous teams consisting of all levels of engineering and management. In 1997, he received his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Florida Tech.

He presently serves as a Logistics Engineer where his primary assignments are associated with providing integrated logistics support to future projects for the Ground Systems Development & Operations Program. Presently, he has completed thirty six years of government service with NASA.


Darrell Thomas
IT and Network Lead

Darrell Thomas is a graduate of Southern University in Electrical Engineering, December 1982. He has been in Florida for the past 31 years working in the aerospace industry for National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). In past years he represented NASA Kennedy Space Center as a liaison to the Florida Information Technology Center of Excellence. He currently works in Information Technology as a Relationship Manager.


Mr. Thomas is also a member of the National Technical Association (NTA) Space Coast Chapter. He has been a member since 1983, serving as a technology consultant, mentor, tutor, and Science and Technical Applications Resource (STAR) Center Facility Director. In 2003 Mr. Thomas became the Southeast Regional Director for NTA. During this time he assisted in NTA’s national robotic competition featuring youth from the local chapters in each region. He also has spoken to minority students about pursuing careers in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math or becoming entrepreneurs.

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