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Prior to the accident and the pandemic, the center was open Monday thru Thursday to allow the kids an alternative to running around the neighborhood unsupervised.  They had the opportunity to play video games,    work on science projects and use our resources for homework, science projects, etc.

We kept snacks on hand for those who may be hungry and or as a reward for good behavior when working on projects, etc.

Our goal is to hire a part-time Program Assistant (retired educator) to reopen the center to part-time hours. 

Program objectives include:

  • Opening hours of operation to Monday -  Thursday

  • Expanding our STEM program to include;​

    • Tutoring (which includes Moby Max to bring kids up to the reading level they should be performing.

    • 3D printing

    • Early reading 3 to 5-year-old

    • Computer access for parents

    • Drone Flying​

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